Tie Rod Calculator

Often tie rod drawings will specify an overall length from the center of each clevis pin hole, without detailing the required rod length. This tool will quickly estimate rod lengths for three different tie rod configurations.


  • Allowable clevis sizes are based on American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Manual of Steel Construction, 13th Edition page 15-15.
  • Overall length adjustment of each tie rod assembly varies based on number of factors including, grip size, rod diameter, and turnbuckle or sleeve nut used.
  • Maximum clevis engagement from the end of the nut is set at ½ of the rod diameter or half an inch (whichever is greater) and total turnbuckle take-up is 3 inches.
  • Inputs take both fractions and decimals

Even though we strive to provide accurate information, this tool only estimates rod lengths and the calculations are not meant for production. Our experienced staff of estimators is available to answer any questions you have about tie rods assemblies.